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Welcome Note

InooTec is a place where we take care of each assignment with supreme importance on quality, judicious delivery backed by robust process to ensure final delivery of resources. The change and the new challenge are only constant things in recruitment, so we have different offerings to match needs as per client situation, contrary to same offerings for everyone. Our deep understanding of business and internet technology coupled with a prolific eye for creation allow us to provide each client an optimal return. We also understand that when a client teams up with InooTec, they are putting their trust in our hands. We strive to build a long-lasting relationship and consider clients as our partners and embrace an interest in their growth and profitability.

Thank you, InooTec Team.

Latest projects

Online Direct Sales System

Online Direct Sales System (DSS) is the first app in Africa and middle east that can followup and control the business of direct sales or any kind of business depend on members and point for items using online web application.

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Comments Card System

Comments cards system (CCS) ia a complex application depend on moble or tablets to get the comments of customers and display it with statistics and charts on web application.

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integrated solutions System

Integrated solutions system (ISS) is a desktop ERP System for small and middle companies with simple and effective graphical interface.

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Real Estate System

Real estate system (RES) is an application that designed for real estate companies in egypt  .

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